The airlines worked diligently with governments and the international coronadiction team to promote the vaccination passport with the slogan ‘no jab, no fly’. And it worked because the fearful and gullible virtuous citizens were quick to let themselves be abused as guinea pigs ‘just so they could go on vacation’.
A tried and tested stick-and-root method, you might say, but there was a hitch.
At this very moment the airlines are consulting on the vaccinated customers and the big risk they have of blood clots as a result of the experimental mRNA serum. The policy has been for many years that people at increased risk of blood clots are allowed to fly only under strict supervision. It is recommended that these individuals should preferably not fly unless in the case of a life-threatening situation.
At a certain altitude, you have a higher risk of complications, stroke, thrombosis or heart attack if you are susceptible(er) to them. We now have information confirming that everyone who gets the shot (no matter what brand) has clotting and bleeding problems as one of the main reactions. These reactions are all similar to the existing restrictions in this area.
The airlines are now discussing their liability and what to do with the vaccinated since they are not allowed to fly because it is a health risk. These discussions have only just begun but it looks like anyone who is vaccinated will not be allowed to flyThe unvaccinated, on the other hand, will be able to board in peace.
So the airlines are feeling pretty screwed over by this state of affairs. Their market for business and vacation flying shrinks significantly with this fact. This big loss – after the lockdown debacles – was created by someone else. That someone is also responsible for violating human rights, violating the Nuremberg Code and destroying the economy.
If the airlines want to survive, they will have to take legal action against those who imposed this on them. This means naming individuals and organizations and holding them responsible for the enormous damage that has been and will be caused by their actions.

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Update: on May 28, de Volkskrant reported that the EASA advises pilots not to fly for two to three days after corona vaccination.

The Free Speaker has been asked about the source of the above article 'No flying for vaccinated people?' The original message comes from the Telegram channel Time to move on. Time to move on is the continuation of Covidvaccines victims and family that was previously on Facebook but has been removed. In these times of massive censorship and one-sided media coverage, the other side of the story is extremely important. If you have information – whether or not as an insider – please share it with us.