I must make it clear before you read any further that I am here to present you information that will empower you, if you don't assume automatically that the content of this website is fear mongering, as none of the articles on this site is mere theory and peaceful solutions are provided.

It is imperative for the heath and safety of the people to be informed. Please spread the word about this archive that is fact checked, so you can feel confident that when you research for yourself, you won't be wasting your time, you will be helping to finally bring a peaceful spiritual revolution we all need to end tyranny and bring true freedom. We need to break the conditioning and stigma of the derogatory association with activism to the CIA created term ''conspiracy theorist'', or ''truther''. The time is now.

Simple suppressed facts getting out to the majority will determine the direction Humanity will take.

Everyday, more and more of us are beginning to research the world we live in, however some may need to re-examine the proper definition of 'skeptic'.

 - One who practices the method of suspended judgment, engages in rational and dispassionate reasoning as exemplified by the scientific method, shows willingness to consider alternative explanations without prejudice based on prior beliefs, and who seeks out evidence and carefully scrutinizes its validity.

Firstly, Some of this information may seem negative, but in order to do something about it, we must be aware of it. The very positive aspect is that people are waking up to the true dynamics of our World.
"If the truth can be told as to be understood, it will be believed,
because understanding compels belief."
- William Blake

Unfortunately, a lot of misinformation & misconception exists on the Internet, basically mindless distractions, however if you hold your nose long enough shortly it becomes clear that very important information is suppressed via a scientific dictatorship that encompasses all facets of control over our lives;  information (media is controlled), energy, food, and health, and simple facts have been largely hidden in plain sight until now.

The goal is to bring together all the need to know information and people to make it easy to spread the word about certain subjects that if known, will save billions of lives!

This is an incredible time in history, and we are literally at a cross roads between total tyranny & total liberty.

Purpose of this site & how it started:

This all started as a result of being very concerned for what is happening to our world environmentally and my studies have brought me to realize quite simply that reality is stranger than fiction; We don't know the absolute truth about the universe, but with every new scientific discovery or recognition of an error comes an indication that the general models & ideas of reality are not what is referred to as the general consensus of what reality actually is.

As a result of a burning desire to share evidence with everyone that I've discovered by constantly researching over the past few years, I've come to the conclusion that irrefutable, most important facts must be known, if we are to survive.
If you are not already aware of this 'branch of knowledge' it will initially seem so far out, you may dismiss it. Yet it is only different, & that is the only reason it challenges our previous views & beliefs.
We learn something new everyday, & should listen to every voice to make our own conclusions by letting the natural dynamics of intellectual judgment come into play.


After digging deeper & deeper and connecting the dots, I've opened up a lot of 'cans of worms' and I, like many others have seen that they (the problems & issues of society) all come from the same source. Now I firmly believe I have to show how all these seemingly unconnected issues & conspiracies are really one big global conspiracy, with greatest effort to not be overbearing. It's not an easy task for me to do so, hence the amount of time it has taken for me to compete this website.
The aim here is to make the 'unknown' known. A lot of people thought the Earth was flat until it was proven otherwise. It will now be proven that the world is nothing like you think it is, unless you are currently aware of that fact. 


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I have always had a deep interest in everything around me; life, the universe, & the way things operate. I have always stood up for what's right.

Over the past several years I have come across compelling information that MUST be known by the majority of the people & this is not conspiracy theory; There are documented facts.

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Given that the media (news) is serving the governments & not the public, it is completely controlled so the propaganda and spews out our TVs & Radios while the truth lays down low, while it needs to be known. For example, The '2001 Disclosure Project Press conference' made me feel happy & concerned simultaneously. - Happy because it proves beyond doubt that there are existing energy solutions however they are being suppressed, and I felt upset because it's during such environmental degradation.

It makes my blood boil that not only do too few people know these things, but they laugh at the very things that hinder, enslave & enable this multilevel injustice for them & everyone else.
Consider this: We only live once in this life, & one only has to take a few minutes to see the reality that there is information that needs to be known and you will wish that it be shown to as many as possible too, I assure you... I'm not kidding when I say download all you can while you still can; the time is now!

On a final note, some points I wish to express: I am not a theorist; I am a researcher & realist. This is not about the person behind this site; this is about your getting sight on the truth. We must ALL step out of this cognitive dissonance that I once was in, & I'm here to help you, & all the other people in the 'truth movement' to get the facts out before it's too late... To investigate what is at stake. Our decisions we make in life are only as good as the information we know, & if you spice that up with the knowledge that you should also never assume your previous assumptions to be correct, then we will go very far in life!

We all need to just collectively open our eyes and realize the true dynamics of our world, & see the reality of the conspiracies that many credible individuals even in government such as Ron Paul & celebrities have even come out to speak out, including even political parties against the new world order, such as the Canadian Action Party.
People are waking up, but we must act now, before it's too late, & I must stress that I am not a 'Doomsday-er' or a 'wacko' or whatever; I'm simply concerned, doubly because serious evidence is being ignored! - Don't believe me, do the research yourself.

Previously, it was simply a matter of open minded people who have been willing to invest a little time to find out the true dynamics of how our World is run, compared to the way it could & should be.
Some feel helpless, because despite the weight of evidence on many conspiracy subjects, many refuse to see, and we continue to be called crazy, & feel the dread & frustration as more & more evidence against the Elite comes out everyday, while the majority fails to be able to pay attention.

BUT NOW: everything is escalating & there is no time left to wait & debate; We must awaken the masses to prevent being tricked by the Governments lies & manipulation again! The main purpose of this site is to present the undeniable facts in a way that can be not only looked upon with great interest, but understood easily by anybody.

If a World War unfolds, our main intentions will be to survive & we will not have the chance to look into this info. Look around you... It is great to be alive, no matter what is happening, therefore I express with the greatest force of my soul to please challenge yourself to look into the content of this site, & wherever the links may bring you. - Enjoy your stay, for there is no way they will permit what is unfit to the government.

- In the eyes of the elite, It is okay if the evidence is hidden in plain sight, just as long as it is removed before it becomes common discussion and addressed finally by the public.
That is why there will shortly be access to only a few thousand sites (that they have selected) & you can be assured that this site nor any of the sites in the links section will be on the list.

So now is the time; we can make history by standing up against the elite!
Effective research starts by looking into all aspects of this no matter how far out it may appear to be, because in order to connect the dots, it is important to maintain an open mind. - I cannot stress that enough!

Throughout all of history there has never been a time where the future of almost all life depended on the masses of one generation awakening to a few certain truths. The losses of not doing so will be much greater than the small effort you & I will need to make as individuals.

- To know what is really going on, because knowledge is power, and it is more negative if we don't know about it, because to avoid disaster we must be aware, but the utilization of that knowledge is key!
If you are unaware of the Disclosure Project, or Ron Paul, you should ask yourself; why? - Seven years later, the majority remains unaware of this important conference that was on T.V. only once, but it was the most viewed Web-cast in the history of the Internet!
Shortly, the minority will be the segment of society that still does not believe that governments are evil & CRIMINAL. Still do not realize? Just open your eyes;
I challenge you to look at this for example:


Regarding what is right & wrong, where we stand,
and where governments stand:

Humanity has seen the degree to which we unfortunately must fight for freedom. Securing the future by standing up against the tyranny we see. Martial law could be declared next week or next year, so we must seek a better way to play this game right! We are not scared, we need not fear; Deception will soon be blinded by the light of truth. Don't be leery; none of this is theory, and it ought not have to be a newsflash that in this day and age, things clearly should be much better. Standing up to this tyranny before it's too late is in our best interests! It's high time to turn the page, & stop being slaves.

The general feeling has been that decisions made by governments are beyond our control with exception to voting, but we are now sufficiently mature as a culture to realize that taking real responsibility for our lives is of utmost importance as opposed to leaving it to one out of four candidates to then carry on with the same old corruption.

We can avoid further manipulation & destruction of the Earth & social structures within. This is an incredible time where the people, having the REAL power, can come together on a common cause, and utilize this power to maintain peace with the help of the internet to connect on these social issues.

Further good news is that it's not going to be difficult, but the time is literally now, otherwise it will be impossible to regain harmony and freedom in our lives.

There is a better way to live symbiotically, while maintaining the ecological systems that sustain & make life possible. We have this opportunity to avoid a world-police state by learning about the true dynamics & agendas of the governments and by re-creating our own natural order. -Free from corruption & laws devoid of any sense, for example; the Carbon tax. ...

The situation is obvious: We are living beyond our means against our will by mass-deception, because clean technology & certain information has been hidden from us, the public. If we continue to assume fossil fuels are our only option with a blind faith in this corrupt government, we will enter an age of "too late".

- Regarding both freedom & sustainability: The corporate-state complex has hindered our ability to think for ourselves & be responsible for our lives & communities, have made access to clean technology an impossibility through secrecy & discouraging mass production of solar panels for example, which would increase affordability. This is one of the greatest crimes against humanity!

We really should all have solar panels hooked up by now, but when everyone all over the world can finally have access to these free-energy generators (that are functional & have been demonstrated) without having to pay for oil and centralized power grids we would have a blossoming of the world's economy & blossoming of abundance, not to mention a proper, sane civilization with higher hopes for the future.

It was claimed that even reducing pollution would harm the economy, but it's the opposite: We cannot afford to lose the priceless true wealth; life & the symbiotic relationship with the resources which could sustain us for millions or billions of years if properly utilized.

The money spent during one day at war would be sufficient to fund clean energy technologies around the world within less than a year. If Governments would truly be in favor of our well being, they would focus on that aspect would be a priority on their agenda, yet all we see is secrecy. -The plain truth is that it could be done in a short period of time! As long as we continue to follow, and have faith in the poorly determined path towards the domination dictatorship of authoritarianism, arbitrary, illogical, tyrannical & destructive systems of governments based on over-simplifications, assumptions & unfair ways of life, we will continue to see our world literally melt before our eyes.

All of these issues affect us all & are maintained & accelerating by the way we are thinking and living. - Mainly, our herd mentality of following along with it all; not questioning this irrational way of living. We will break out of this, (like dropping a bad habit) if we all realize this common cause, we will do whatever needs to be done, because our 'leaders' are not leading us to a good place at all! They never have, never will. It's time for REAL change!
What is at Stake & How to Awaken the World to What is Really Going on

The people of the world are demanding change spiritually, socially and mentally; revising our priorities to better suit our true needs. Better integrating into the symbiotic relationship we had with everyone & everything on Earth before the rise of hierarchical power structures of dictatorship, unjust tyrannical decisions & the indoctrination of the public into a World view that is precariously leading us down a path of (avoidable) destruction.

To provide undeniable evidence, what we need is this major overhaul of every truth movement to provide a clear & believable explanation.

 If we continue with the illusion that business as usual is most comfortable & satisfying while neglecting our real responsibility; taking action, we will unfortunately be completely subject to a tyranny far worse than we can imagine.

It is clear we should not go on this way for another day, tolerating & dismissing pressing issues that will determine our future !

This is what the majority of us have been waiting for: A sound argument supporting humanity's needs & desires with an understanding that changing our minds is the only way life on Earth is going to survive & attain the sustainable ecosystem & society that should & could be: The Elite; Monarchies and Governments have always done more harm than good. Furthermore, they eventually caused the fall of the civilizations they controlled. - To claim we are better off without governments that threaten to wipe us out at any time & who treat us like dirt & children is not a fringe idea.

- We clearly adhere to the firm belief that the people should have a say in what goes on; having truly democratic votes: Voting for the decisions themselves! Only then will we be free as things were before the rise of the insanity caused by the secret societies that run things behind the scenes. If the majority is against war for example, why is it continuing every day?  

This is the time for divine intervention (nonviolently), because we cannot give them reason to evoke martial-law, which blatantly has always been an aspiration of those who are and ever were in power.


For most people, if it isn't seen on the evening news or in the news paper, it's not true or doesn't exist, and so we get called 'conspiracy nuts', but unfortunately, the conspiracies covered are NOT theories and sadly, there are currently too many people who won't even look into the info simply because it challenges their previous belief systems & they make up their minds without even looking at the info. But that will change. It doesn't matter at this point really, for the majority will be enough; Let those who refuse to even look at the evidence become the fringe, AKA the 'crazies'. - It's time to turn the tables, & see our world change in an amazing way! This is a wonderful time to be alive... We strive & struggle, some thrive & survive while some die... It's high time for change and it will be less difficult than you may think.
This is a labor of Love, based on Love.

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Legal Disclaimer: It is important to note that this is in no way an 'extremist' site, and there are absolutely no harmful or wrong actions suggested here. This Bill was recently passed in the U.S. to justify the arresting & breaking of arms of innocent protesters. Many actions of protests have been proven to be ineffective in actually causing the real change that is needed, but at least they shine a light on the dark issues we face. All we need to do is know what is REALLY going on, so have no fear in exploring this info. - We don't need to protest. - We need to assess our greatest assets! There are Millions of people on the internet, many thinking for themselves, & nothing can stop us now, except the control of the internet... We now have this opportunity to open our minds, our eyes, and realise. The time is now.