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Shadow government controlling you


Hello fellow humans, it is time for action!

It's time to arrest the people who are behind the crimes against Humanity!

People unite against tyranny and jail the criminal elite

You spend years of your life on average; 12 years in school, 45 years working, 11 years watching T.V. lots of time shopping and doing many other mundane things, SO PLEASE SPEND SOME OF YOUR TIME READING THIS IMPORTANT DOCUMENT WHILE YOU STILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO ACCESS THIS SITE AS THE INTERNET IS BEING CENSORED WORLDWIDE INCREMENTALLY COUNTRY BY COUNTRY AS YOU READ THIS!

You will become EMPOWERED by knowing what is really going on and by adding crimes you know of  with sources and links, you can help make this world the way it should be by finally stopping all this dehumanization on a global scale...

Knowing and spreading the truth makes you feel very good, to say the least. It is a catalyst of the much needed spiritual development restoration that has been robbed from us for far too long. The lack of spirituality and general sympathy and has allowed people to enable their own enslavement by being enablers of the new world order by obstinately remaining in ignorance.


- You spend (your age number of years) being part of a social structure that you may or may not be politically active in, MOST are not politically active and this has to change!!!

Notice how governments perform countless crimes against Humanity, however when an individual is charged with conspiracy or murder it's all over the news, and the criminal gets convicted. Now, if you raise your voice to your child, your child can get taken away (kidnapped) by child 'protection' services.

Many cannot be bothered to deal with seemingly negative aspects of life because many of us can be and  therefore are made to feel powerless causing apathy but politics affects all our lives, and each and everyone of us has incredible potential and power and we all must realize we have this power.

They deliberately make politics dull and do not educate the masses about politics in our GLOBAL educational system in order to keep us in the dark BUT politics especially in this period of history IS THE MOST IMPORTANT AREA OF LIFE IN THE SENSE THAT WE MUST RECLAIM CONTROL OF POLITICS FROM THE EVIL CONTROLLERS-WHO DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT US.


A famous artistic depiction of the soulWe need to address this as a global community and stop thinking of this as a local issue. They have set the system up so that we are dependent on them for food entertainment fuel etc and this results in giving them absolute control whether you believe this or not over our lives and time which could be spent reconnecting with ourselves one another, the planet and all life which exists.

They have succeeded in stopping us knowing ourselves and this is why many people become mentally ill, do you feel in your heart and soul that something is off balance? Because this artificial system IS OFF BALANCE. Please... We must realize that our OUR governments are controlled by corporations and are supposed to be our public servants however they regard US AS THEIR SERVANTS and we also need to be aware that there is a shadow government and our supposed politicians are puppets for corporations and do what those behind the scenes tell them to do.

This is showing murder not manslaughter but undeniable murder as well as fraud, deception, kidnapping, perverting the course of justice, disturbance of the peace, threats on peoples lives and social destruction. The controllers of the world are thinking for you, polluting your mind and your family’s minds with information they choose for you to know. We the other humans who live amongst you do not like living in a world full of injustices and evil, a world that is full of psychological and spiritual struggle, ask of you, for the future of your children and with respect to the martyrs of freedom throughout human evolution choose to start to walk down a path that is the only true reason to exist and coexist with each other and an infinity which transcends this strange world they have constructed for us to be imprisoned in. If you think you are not imprisoned and that our world will stay in a reality you are familiar with you must read this document.

This is not fear mongering at all and that should be obvious. -We are fighting the fear mongering that is performed by the system. This is also an information war and you have the right to be given the knowledge to protect yourself and our whole species. This is intended to excite and stimulate REAL change.

Jail the corrupt politiciansThe job of a worker in the legal system is to maintain justice, to fight good from bad not to be corrupted by money. These words must inspire a member of the legal system to work in putting forward the facts representing us for our basic right to freedom in life for body mind and global collective soul. This person must not be bribable, the jury must be not bribable and fully verified as to their life’s background only then can the case proceed in court, I would be willing to be a member of this jury but cannot as I am heavily biased to the truth, by the end of this trial, carried out democratically,

I believe the jury will also be of the impression and belief that the human race and all life that exists on our planet is under threat from the current political structure and that our controllers have committed crimes that in the same situation of evidence enough for trial a member of society would be punished for.

I have a lot of people who could verify my life’s events and the schools I attended, the government can plant people paid to favor the political lies thus affecting a fair verdict. As we know members of the higher order of the legal profession are often high level Freemasons who are deeply connected to the controlling forces in this world at their higher levels therefore a judge or set of judges must have a clean judging history. Many past cases must be looked at by a cross section of society in vote deciding who are the unbiased judges, this team can also look at along with the public who a fair jury would be. The ‘elite’ as they like to raise status by calling themselves that can choose their own legal representation.  This is only fair. This is a democracy after all.

While watching an Alex Jones documentary about 9/11 truth (9/11 - truth rising) I realized we cannot ask those in power who we Corrupt government run by people running after money creating an imbalance of justiceknow with masses of factual evidence have committed great atrocities to life that have as much a right to flourish without their destruction by those humans who no longer balance with essence and grace spiritually, meaning of life itself and understanding basic human morals and decency, they forgot how to be or in some cases never were human to do a unbiased examination into looking at those really to blame because they are the ones who caused this. Demanding for a new 9/11 investigation is therefore pointless. The people: architects, engineers, scientists and pilots have done the investigation, and we find the members of the elite guilty of mass murder and conspiracy.

We have demonstrated, we have discussed, we have acquired this evidence and now we must take this to the next step and take the gangster minded controllers to trial for crimes against life.

I know that I am not the only one who knows that this is the time for the end of their reign.

Therefore they will be sent to trail for the crimes they have committed. this is the list and all criminal claims can be verified with evidence.

Note that this list is incomplete because we will not know what else they have done until it becomes declassified or exposed and it would be impossible to keep up with the numerous EVERYDAY government crimes but this is a list of the most serious crimes.


“Let me control a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws”
- Meyer Amschel Rothschild

13 families control the world through centuries of fraud and deception and a tapestry of lies and crimes against Humanity is behind their hoarded wealth. Members of these inbred bloodlines are responsible for and are guilty of the following crimes, and are to be charged with conspiracy, murder, deception and premeditated plans for destruction. 

List of Government & Corporate Crimes
This is an incomplete compilation of crimes against Humanity and will be completed shortly.
  1. The destruction of indigenous civilizations and their valuable knowledge.
  2. Destroying morals of society.
  3. Deliberate dumbing down of the youth in education.
  4. Deliberate dumbing down of the arts.
  5. The breaking down of communities and isolation through housing developments whose planning encourages and has developed crimes by the public and has caused an increase in drug dealing, prostitution, weapons and violence.
  6. Deliberate dumbing down via additives in foods and water such as Aspartame, Fluoride, BPA, MSG and aerial spraying, AKA 'chemtrails'.
  7. Deliberate dumbing down of the adult population with control through sexual triggers and misogynistic degrading of both males and females in the western population. Using sex to sell products by putting sexual images everywhere in the streets and all over publications. Too much sex everywhere causes some people to compare and to be unfaithful. It breaks down families, and causes people to feel inferior. Sex is sacred, and should not be posted all over for our children too see as well. It is not prudish to be alarmed by the over the top misogynistic to both men and women... the amount of graphic sexual imagery on our streets, we do not choose to see these images. Hollywood claims that the public want more sex and violence hence the rise in these types of  films yet the figures show that the public attended many more family orientated movies. They are forcing this degenerate 'art' on us and they are trying and have been able to mold society only because we in the whole allow this and do not know our true selves. We treat each other like shit mostly, we are greedy and jealous and  base to one another and more violent yet they blame us for the violence when they feed us this crap.
    our government is telling us and selling us the idea that we are all prostitutes and we are to be used and abused throughout our lives.
  8. The murder of people who educated the public about freedom and peace. Whatever professions they may have had, many have died in the name of freedom including john Lennon, jimmy Hendrix, martin Luther king, and John Kennedy.
  9. The breaking down of communities and isolation through housing developments whose planning encourages and has developed crimes by the public and has caused an increase in drug dealing, prostitution, weapons and violence.
  10. Dumbing down and soft killing with Aspartame and other poisons from industry like fluoride being put in our food and liquids so they have a way to dispose of their toxic waste and control the population over time. The main ingredient used in the manufacturing process of Aspartame is the excrement of genetically modified Ecoli bacteria. Just Google 'Manufacturing process of Aspartame' and see so called 'Fluoride' that is placed in the water supplies is not the natural fluoride that is found in the Earth, it is a catch all term for hundreds of chemicals.
  11. Having concern for corporate profit over nature and human life.
  12. Neglect and destruction of our children's futures, the work of all our ancestors, and the potential of Humanity during our lives, by hindering and controlling every aspect of daily life.
  13. Spiritual deprivation and social engineering to bring about a capitalistic world where people such as loggers are put in a position to be forced to destroy their own environment because they need money artificially.
  14. To glamorize in a grossly overrated way the significance of the price of something, rather than the priceless value of Human life.
  15. Degradation of the ecosystem that sustains our existence; destruction of our environment, water, forests, land and air.
  16. Confusing the public's environmental concerns of the environment with ‘global warming’, which has been proven to be a fraud to push population control, carbon taxes and a world dictatorship government. It has been scientifically proven that carbon emissions have a very insignificant affect on temperature.The Sun is causing climate change. It is a PERVERSION OF SCIENCE to declare CO2 a pollutant when it is necessary for photosynthesis. The people who have written the incriminating 'climategate' emails have been exposed for manipulating data to manipulate the public and policy makers to act on global warming.
  17. Letting corporations control politics out of public view.
  18. World leaders making decisions out of public view in Bilderberg meetings.
  19. Control of information we are able to receive and will receive if they pass the law to censor the Internet.
  20. Monsanto Corporation and its genetically modified food are altering our very DNA and is making our soil infertile.
  21. Setting up society so the majority cannot grow their own food and have to rely on GMO crops, making us dependent on the system for even our food supply.
  22. The development of AIDS in a laboratory and then making us pay for research for cures.
  23. The American corporation Bayer sold factor 8 that was tainted with AIDS as the American government sided with the corporation by not doing a thing about it. Bayer knew it was contaminated and sold it overseas because it was the only way they could make a profit.
  24. Creation of the alleged ‘swine flu’ in a laboratory and released with major media hype to fear people into getting dangerous H1N1 vaccines that contain Squalene, mercury and cancer viruses.
  25. Attention diversion and misdirection of emotional frustration through high coverage of sports thus effecting men’s true ability to fight for freedom against tyranny by saturating life with unnecessary concerns for sports and scores more than if our species is winning this fight for justice and what is right. It's so strange that people get so upset if their team loses, but our team of Humanity is going to lose our freedom if we don't all wake up; Police, Military and Government workers as well because we are all under the same threat of globalization, the new world order.
  26. The funding of both sides of wars.
  27. Developing HAARP, an environmental weapon and a mind weapon with public money secretively with no mass exposure by our so-called mainstream media.
  28. Large Hadron collider- Developed using tax payers money, meaning it belongs to us and we demand a larger scope of analysis and review by all disciplines not just politics to establish if it is safe to use, considering that according to CERN scientists themselves, there is a possibility that it could destroy the planet, even the entire universe. No matter how improbable that may be, given there is a slight possibility, experiments like this should not be allowed to go on while the people who do not want this machine to operate remain artificially powerless. Like HAARP, the people of the world were not given a choice to vote for or against it.
  29. Passing laws that effect the population without our knowledge.
  30. Establishing the nanny state to implicate their laws.
  31. False flag terrorism such as 9/11, Gulf of Ton-kin, Vietnam war, and Pearl Harbor.
    See  - architects and engineers for 9/11 truth and for all the evidence that shows that it was an inside job and the official 9/11 report has holes in it that you can fly a 747 through.
  32. Manipulation of the public’s minds to go into war (WMDs, CIA funded Alcaida).
  33. Importing the cocaine and Heroin to destroy people's lives and fund secret projects
    Here is a link to news story of CIA jet found with 4 tons of cocaine:
  34. Suppression of clean energy technology developed by Tesla and others.
  35. Sequestering advanced clean energy technology developed by reverse engineering extraterrestrial crafts with billions of taxpayer money via black budget, special access projects.
  36. Torture of people to obtain information when they end up 'admitting' to things by just submitting to say whatever the torturers want them to say so they will stop torturing them.
  37. Manipulation of economies worldwide.
  38. Keeping the knowledge that we are not alone a secret; Failure to provide the acknowledgment that other species of beings also exist in the universe.
  39. Not protecting the public against the effects of a possible solar flare storm by providing bunkers for us too, not just them, and not installing protective equipment on the eclectic grid to protect it from failing.
  40. Murder of people who have lost their electricity and froze to death, only because we are all forced to depend on the utility companies when we should all have solar and or free energy technology in our homes and cars.
  41. Selling weapons to other countries: The USA sold tanks and guns etc. from Vietnam to Iraq to use against Iran (because they didn't like Iran's communist political system). After the weapons were sold, the USA government then used the weapons as an excuse to start wars & enter these countries that they have armed... how bizarre!! Absolute war mongers!