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 Are you concerned about world events? The environment? Corruption and lies by governments and corporations? Tired of how long it takes to find evidence to serious claims to verify for yourself so you can spread the word with confidence that people will listen and not just dismiss you? Well you've come to the right place, but your help is needed. -Not just to help formulate the best ways to spread awareness of issues that are not covered in the controlled media, but financially. Every little bit helps and allows me to be able to work more on this website, and eventually expand to what it needs to be. - An essential archive of verified and well organised easy to find facts to bring forth real change of fulfilment, true happiness, prosperity, and freedom.

Funds are needed for:

  • Server and bandwidth fees, to be able to upgrade to dedicated hosting so you can upload your own video and audio files, not just embedded external youtube and google video links which can and will get censored. 
  • To purchase advertising space on high traffic networks to spread the word about this site,
  • To burn DVDs of interesting and informative documentaries.
  • To print as many posters and flyers as possible, suggesting others to do the same and hopefully creating a worldwide reaction of true re-education.

If we can manage to reach the majority of people with the information of what is really going on, the crimes against humanity will not be able to happen.
Every amount counts, and will hopefully add up to a significant amount that can be turned into the power we need, for unfortunately, money has become a means of attaining power in this world, and it is in the wrong hands. The following video depicts some of these criminals openly bragging: 

UPDATE:  The video had to be re-linked due to it being removed from youtube. This website is currently not able to support having video files uploaded, but a sufficient amount of donations would change that by enabling the purchase of a hosting plan with more capacity, as well as a backup server.


There is nothing more important than getting need to know information out to everyone before the internet is censored in order to secure not only our freedom but all life on earth and to hopefully spiritually educate the so called elite who have performed universally morally wrong crimes against humanity through lies and deception for far too long.

A lot of what some people have assumed to be merely theory is in fact reality, and I have dedicated my life for more than the past decade to trying to make the world not only a better place but the way it should be.

 I've been researching and fact checking things that seemed to be far out stuff that I came across, and having a deep concern for the desecration of our environment, my discoveries have lead me on an interesting journey of discovering the absolute truth of issues that affect us all and I have, as well as many others.

Unfortunately, need to know info won't be shown on the controlled mainstream media so we have to become our own media and stop the social engineering by encouraging people to find out how exhilarating it is to discover the true dynamics of what is really going on, and what we can do about it.

In summary, the truth about how the globalist so-called "elite" have engineered the economic crisis to bring in their "solution" of more control needs to be put in the spotlight and the ability for the truth to come out needs to be empowered.