Hollywood’s latest dystopic film of the month has arrived, attempting to vindicate Al Gore, and glamorize pedophilia. Not surprisingly, fawning critics are labelling it ‘a masterpiece’.

Neema Enriquez

It’s the end of the world… but that doesn’t stop director Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant, King of New York) from exploiting the pseudo-science theory that humans have destroyed the Earth’s ozone layer, or that pedophilia is “the new black” in his latest film entitled, “4:44 Last Day on Earth”.

The film takes place in present day New York sans looting, gunfire and the chaos one would expect if the world’s population were to be decimated in a matter of hours. Instead, traffic moves at a snail’s pace and the only jarring sounds come from the apartment of the Cisco (Willem Defoe) and his barely legal girlfriend Skye (Shanyn Leigh, Director Ferrara’s real life girlfriend). In the first ten minutes, Ferrara takes an opportunity to offend with an implied graphic sexual encounter between partners. This encounter on its face isn’t what is offensive – it’s the 30, possibly 40 year age difference between the 60 year old Defoe and the female character Skye.

Peddling middle-aged men having sex with minors is nothing new for Hollywood. Movies like “Lolita”, “An Education” and “American Beauty” are some of the many films that normalize the predatory acts of pedophiles as commonplace, acceptable and in some cases, even trendy.

Back to New York and the end of the world…

Blaring on the television in the background is mainstream media puppet Charlie Rose, interviewing none other than the man-made carbon theory alarmist Al Gore. The interview is then interrupted by the anchorman telling New York City residents that, “It’s the end of the world – and Al Gore was right!”.

Perhaps like Gore, Abel Ferrara never felt compelled to look at the NIPCC (Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change) report authored by a team of the world’s leading climate and science experts completely challenging – and refuting Gore’s exaggerated and false claims about greenhouse gas emissions, rising oceans and the human effect on the ozone layer. Add to this the hundreds of new scientific admissions, and the IPCC’s own data showing that there has been no warming in the last 15 years. But as we can see in this latest film, real world events rarely factor into Hollywood plot lines.

Despite the scientific shame of Climategate, Glaciergate and Polar-bear-gate, Hollywood’s political line remains steadfast. It continues to promote a failed ideology, even after it’s been thoroughly discredited.

Still, Hollywood still promotes a cap-and-trade shell scheme that is set to dump billions upon billions in taxes on consumers for their average use, and create an unregulated economy of carbon credits that can be bought and sold by major corporations, banking institutions and carbon traders. If the housing crisis wasn’t enough, now all governments will seek to demand, legislate and enforce more taxpayer cash – to bailout Earth.

Dystopic Hollywood visions serve to indoctrinate the 18-35′s by validating a global carbon policy that is nothing short of an authoritarian tax on consumers. In countries like Australia, businesses already suffering from forced compliance with this new tax can be fined up to $1,000,000 – for blaming inflation on new carbon taxes. And what happens in the case of non-compliance?

Well, in this country, the President can simply refer to the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order - signed by Obama earlier this year, which authorizes the government, during times of war or peace – to assess, allocate or seize resources, materials, land, transportation, energy supplies, basically anything the government deems necessary - at its own absolute discretion.

Toward the end of the movie, when Cisco calls his daughter and ex-wife to say his final farewells, his ex blames him for his destructive heroin habit and leaving his family for a teenage girl. In typical Hollywood morally equivalent fashion, he then blames her right back for not understanding.

With 4:44 Last Day on Earth, art does imitates life, but not exactly in the way Ferrara depicts it in his film. In a recent article by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars.com, reports described how an elitist pedophile ring was exposed with the arrest of a 44 year old woman, charged with running a prostitution ring out of her New York City apartment, a vice ring that relied on police protection to provide wealthy clients with minors for sexual encounters.

In 2006, Rep. Cynthia McKinney(D-GA) questioned then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld before the House Armed Services Committee regarding billion dollar government contracts awarded to the companies Dyncorp and Haliburton years after the discovery that both companies were involved in the sex trafficking of young women and children. There is strong evidence to suggest that these activities are ongoing and on a global scale, and still, charges of underage prostitution and rape by the elite continue to be exposed, and ignored.

Perhaps buying shares in Al Gore’s failed carbon exchange will generate more revenue for Ferrara than his latest movie. “The end of the world” in Ferrara’s new film is only a few hours away, but for the viewer, it feels like an interminable propaganda-filled eternity.