When was the last time you injected a tuna sandwich directly into your bloodstream?


One has to wonder if the members of the CFR symposium actually believe this nonsense or if they are peddling it because they think it will sell vaccines to the sheep. The 1500 percent increase in autism since 1991 is directly related to thimerosal in vaccines, not the consumption of tuna salad.

It is not clear if the academics in the video got their shots. If they believe the vaccine is safe and we are crazy, they should grab their kids and rush down and ask for a shot from one of the multi-dose bottles of the H1N1 vaccine, which contain thimerosal.


In New York, all injectable versions of the shot will contain thimerosal.

We shouldn’t expect the CFR to tell us the truth about the danger of vaccines. For instance, the Norwegian Medicines Agency is reporting that people are suffering serious side effects from the Pandemrix vaccine. “Numbness, dizziness, loss of taste and sense of smell, nausea and watering, are some of the first reported side effects of the swine flu vaccine in this country,” Dagbladet, a Norwegian newspaper reports. The Norwegian Medicines Agency has received reports that 21 people have suffered serious or unusual side effects. “In addition Medicines Agency said that many patients have struggled to come forward with reports of side effects.”

In other words, the true number of people suffering from side effects remains to be seen. However, numerous cases of serious reactions to the vaccine are now appearing, although the corporate media plays these down as rare occurrences.

No matter. The CFR, the CDC, and the government expect you to play Russian roulette with your health.