You may have had a bad day, and don't want to read or hear anything 'negative'...

It is necessary to make it clear that this message is in fact very positive

If you never spent the time to read a full article now is the time, especially since this explains why you are unfulfilled and how you can be empowered.

 {tab=OpportUNITY}We are literally at the crossroads between complete tyranny and liberty. A necessary unfolding of evolution of TRUE spirituality is occurring simultaneously with the rise of tyranny and engineered chaos with the intention for governments to introduce so called solutions to the very problems they created, and this has become clear to most people now due to it's outright blatancy.

 Our challenge is to be able to drop the fear and steer the course of the dynamics of these dire world occurrences like a ship avoiding an iceberg, and accelerate the unfolding of what should be and could be by dropping all denial by realizing what is really going on and how important it is to bring awareness to everyone about these issues.


Even if all this were merely a theory, (which it is not) there is no reason why it should not be looked at with scrutiny... Our lives are not to be treated recklessly and be threatened with worldwide tyranny and destruction.

If a god created us as all religions state, he or she would not want us fighting each other.

We are simply trying to help everyone wake up to do the right thing, and then become change agents yourselves. - Everyone of all races, all ages, waking up in a multiplying effect...

If the worse comes to the worse, please try and stick to what is right, and know what is wrong, because we need to help each other, not fight and steal. We cannot have a repeat of what happened in Nazi Germany where nobody stood up to what was going on.

To finally have peace, we need a peaceful revolution.

{tab=Awakening}Awakening to to what is really going on, the true dynamics of our world is both like a loud, rude awakening, and a spiritually empowering awakening at the same time; a profound experience.

Are you going to take advantage of this opportunity and be a part of standing up against the manipulation and crimes against all of us or are you going to continue allowing and enabling your own enslavement? It may take time for some to break out of the conditioning where it has been ingrained in most people's minds to automatically dismiss this information because it's so different from what people are used to hearing, but just like how people learned that the Earth is indeed not flat, the public can be informed and learn about these truths as well.

Look around you at the beauty of the world, and feel the awe and wonderment of how incredibly amazing it is to be alive.

Many of us take it for granted as we go about our lives with business as usual, even though the state of the world seems to be deteriorating in a self fulfilling prophecy because the pain, suffering and misery makes us mentally weak and depressed, and since most people's lives are artificially made to be 'negative' (problems and stresses at work, at home, as people argue about mundane things, most of it caused by the systems of divide and conquer themselves, such as racism and poverty) but this doesn't mean that people have to continue assuming that conspiracy issues are 'negative' and are to be avoided like a bad TV show or bad video game... There is a real show, a real game that is being played, and we are all characters in it. The curious thing is, this game is real.

Governments clearly do not have the people in their best interests.

You've been lied to over and over, and now you want answers.
Because of the fact that this obvious, in your face urgent situation has finally given birth to an awakening that is now exponential, information we need to know that was otherwise previously called merely 'conspiracy theories' is peeking through the veil of the distractions, deception and resulting ignorance that has in itself played a part in enabling the immoral control and enslavement.
As a philosopher said in this quote "If we don't change our course, we're likely to end up where we're going" it is becoming increasingly apparent that business as usual should be off the menu!
We have been kept in the dark spiritually and technologically, forced to depend on oil and utility companies when we should all have solar panels on our homes and cars that charge efficient batteries. Greater demand for power such as factories and subways could use free energy technology, AKA zero-point energy. Meanwhile, solar flares and magnetic pole shifts pose a serious threat to take out the electric grid for decades. The solution which is to put ground resistors between the transformers is not being implemented. In fact, it's not even being discussed.
The many tentacles of the control system is a scientific dictatorship, yet no matter how devious the additives to food and water, staged or provocateur initiated terrorist attacks, UN funded wars of both sides, etc. people are now seeing through the lies and acknowledging the facts.

{tab=Truth}It only takes the tiny light of a candle to illuminate an entire dark room... It takes a lot of darkness to mask the truth so it is hidden in plain view. Conflicting religious beliefs are the main driven reasons for wars, but regardless of the fact that Judaism, Islam and Christianity were ALL founded on the old testament, the common sense way of being of having the simple philosophy of treating others the way you would like to be treated isn't embraced, and true morals lost amongst all the distractions and deception..
Challenge: a corruption and disruption exists due to the controlling bloodline families who have attained power through deceit for thousands of years creating a dependency in the manipulative establishments that exist only because we have been fooled.
Tax money is used to spread propaganda, to build underground bases to protect the criminals in control, to destroy proper systems of education and replace them with indoctrination centers which are designed to serve capitalism and the new world order, not creativity or spirituality.
Apparently, the government are supposed to be 'public servants' yet sadly, the reality is that we are currently serving them and this needs to change! -They are supposedly our servants aren't they?

As the destiny of humanity unfolds into fruition, we will see it ride the wave of what one would call 'truth', which is what IS, actually... irrefutably true, for the truth is bullet-proof, for quite simply, it is what is. You can have your own opinion about some things, but you can't have your own facts.
{tab=Powerless?} The so called global elite has admitted they are aware of humanity becoming aware politically. Hillary Clinton said there is an information war, and they are losing that war.  Ask yourself: Would you prefer regretting not doing more to try to change things that affect every aspect of your life, or would you like to be truly fulfilled by knowing you did the right thing?

The future is literally in your hands, in all of our hands.
It is so important that this message gets out to as many people and as possible as fast as possible, for it frustratingly should be obvious to everyone that all our lives are at stake and that we CAN actually all help each other save the world!

We the people, good people, outnumber the malevolent enforcers of tyranny who have an agenda for world government, and those serving this 'evil' must take the right road as well and arrest the criminals conspiring within the government and other world control establishments responsible for numerous crimes.
The 'feeling really small and incapable' perception is an illusion, it's time for a REAL revolution! The only solution is this critical unity of spreading these important truths and good people coming together to help make the world the way it should be.{tab=Crazy?}These are not 'theories', and it is morally imperative to give serious warnings the benefit of the doubt, so don't believe the information on this website naively, verify it for yourself.
It's actually crazy to blindly ignore serious warnings without at least giving it the benefit of the doubt. It's also crazy that people (less and less) blindly laugh at and ignore HARD EVIDENCE such as the danish scientist that found Thermite in the rubble of the WTC buildings. It sure is crazy that building 7 was reported to have fallen on the BBC news in a slip-up BEFORE it actually fell, and then we have the 'underwear bomber' being intentionally let on the plane to be able to bring in body scanners in airports, further advancing the dehumanization which is one of the tentacles of the pixels of the big picture most people have failed to see due to the induced insanity blatantly inflicted upon humanity, genetically modified food consuming, fluoride and aspartame drinking, cancer inducing cellphone using people that pay for gas to go to work so they can pay for gas to go to work in lieu of demanding for the original efficient electric cars and having solar panels to power homes instead of buying food they could be growing themselves.

Seeing how much less effort and work it will take to make things right, compared to the stress and unhappiness, and even mass genocide that will result from not taking action and making playing a role in participating in common sense It should be a no brainer for us all to do the right thing, and research information that may conflict with previous views and conceptions, just like one should take seriously any kind of warning, especially if it affects to such a level. {/tabs}

To the awakened and aware:

{tab=Taking action} NOW is the time to take action!


Spread the word!

Those who will be enforcing the new world (dis)order's tyranny will be the military and police, therefore it is imperative that they become informed about how they too are threatened by 'population control' and genocide... They too are being poisoned by the food and water (fluoride, MSG, bisphenol A, and now the air we breath via aerial spraying of barium and aluminum, AKA chemtrails -An informed society cannot be manipulated so:

  • Hand out fliers and documentaries.
  • Put up posters that have important and need to know information with website addresses on them while freedom on the internet still exists.


The following points should be addressed when speaking out and making posters and fliers:

  • There are certain families that have power over the entire world while the majority of people are powerless over their influence and control over all our lives. It's dangerous and intellectual bankruptcy to continue to allow this to continue!
  • The so called elite are openly calling for drastic population measures when the world is not overpopulated at all, we are all mostly crammed into cities and the majority of the rest of inhabitable land is used for corporate agriculture, when we should all be growing our own food.
  • Economies worldwide are being devalued almost simultaneously all over the world to cause civil unrest... And when protests occur, many of the videos are censored...
  • Anthropogenic (man made) global warming is a scam: Climate scientists, as well as the climate-gate emails can prove this to you, not Al Gore, with carbon tax plans.
  • Religions have been contrived to intentionally clash with others, causing divide and conquer, more problem-reaction-solution methods...
  • The arts are being cut from the education curriculum. Human creativity is being suppressed and limited in the education system... -Those making decisions clearly want us all to be nothing but worker drones, when the arts are connected with true spirituality and the soul.

All of this leads to the 'solution' being the military in the streets and total control over EVERY aspect of your life. People who refuse to believe that governments could be so evil say that this is all 'fear mongering' when the fear mongering is in things like engineered swine flus and staged terrorist events... Are you going to continue allowing this and regret it when it's too late? Or are you going to continue with business as usual and regret it when it's too late? Don't wake up in a FEMA camp, wake up NOW!


We are currently at a crossroads between liberty and tyranny. The decision to face and wake up to what is really going on or not is the determining factor that will decide our fate. -There has never been a time in history where our fate is literally in our hands. Not just Humanities hands, but those who live today... It is our generation that has the control over whether the endgame will prevail, or if what is right will prevail over what is wrong. The illusion that this is a daunting task is only that... -An illusion, and when the majority of the uninformed public becomes aware like many of us have, it becomes quite clear that it will be much easier than we think to restore our world to the way it should be. - Peace and harmony. When it becomes obvious that we have all been manipulated to fight each other with racism, sexism, etc, and not be aware that it's the controllers with a selfish agenda to enslave us all that have orchestrated it all as they feed us bread and games. {tab=What can we do}

So, what can we do to get this out to the majority?
It's really simple: The only way humanity is going to obtain freedom, prosperity & true democracy is for society to be informed in an entertaining and empowering way, since society has been brainwashed into being drawn into entertainment to distract from what is really going on and to try to forget about their problems, which mostly are caused by governments and those with special interests themselves.

While the window of opportunity and the door of free speech is still open, It is therefore imperative that we spread the word NOW!
Make fliers, posters, call radio stations, burn DVDs of your favorite documentaries.
We must use our creative powers to orchestrate a collective movement, but there is no time to be debating. There IS irrefutable evidence that if it is not known ASAP, we will continue to be manipulated by the powers that be, and shouldn't be able to threaten all life on earth and manipulate us all any longer.


We CAN change the path of history from a Prison Planet, back to the paradise it once was. - The time is now!