David King

When Infowars has exposed the depopulation agenda, peadophilia going on in high levels of the establishment, one has to wonder why there is so much hate towards Alex Jones.

On the 6th of august of 2018, Youtube, Facebook and Spotify, big tech companies that have socially engineered a monopoly over social media banned Alex Jones and Infowars within hours of the same day. Most mainstream news reported that it was because of comments regarding Sandy Hook, saying they were crisis actors, taking him out of context, many news articles have come out talking about families trying to sue him because some of his fans allegedly were harassing the parents of the victims, and of course that has lead to some people saying he is a vile, horrible man, but he should not be held accountable for the actions of his listeners. Regardless of your opinion of the man, educated or not, the fact remains that this puts his life in danger.

Alex Jones has described how recently he can't go to the supermarket or anywhere really, without people getting in his face or looking down on him. The very same supposed reasons given for banning him are exactly what they are doing to him: Bullying, harassing, defaming, endangerment, slander, etc.

Organizations that should be held accountable to things however are ones that for instance, claimed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and caused the death of many, many people, as well as of course, trillions of dollars spent in those wars in the middle East alone.

It was even reported by the establishment controlled mainstream news that Mercury is good for childrens brains, in response to concerns regarding mercury and aluminum containing vaccines.

It's quite incredible to note how the establishment has so blatantly engineered this attack on Infowars by Alex Jones, looking at the focus on Sandy Hook, when he started his radio show from a deep care about children. -He learned that the establishment was bringing in the drugs, with articles of a CIA jet crashing with 4 tons of cocaine, soldiers taking over poppy fields in Afghanistan, and started a public access television show in Texas. It evolved into a much larger show, with radio station affiliates, doing a 3-4 hour show every day. 

Harvard and other Scientific studies on fluoiride indicating the toxin reduces IQ in children by approximately 20%.


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