Step By Step Guide Explaining How To Get By Government Censorship Of YouTube Videos

Alexander Higgins, Contributing Writer
Activist Post

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Our so-called liberty loving democratic governments are resorting to tactics of a fascist totalitarian dictatorship and censoring YouTube videos, which show nothing more than people protesting for their civil liberty. Here is the story behind the government censorship along with a tutorial on how to defeat it. Enjoy!

12610 points us to an Infowars article revealing that the Government is censoring YouTube videos, not for “piracy” or “cyber attack” videos, but to hide the massive uprising of the middle class that is spreading worldwide due to unbearable contempt.

Of course, the first thing I did before starting to write this article was to vet the story. I clicked on the link to the censored video and it loaded absolutely fine for me. But as the article clearly states, it has been censored by the UK government, so viewers in the UK can’t view it.

So, I needed to trick YouTube into thinking I was visiting from within the UK to verified the video was actually censored. Here is how I did it.

1. Since I am using Firefox, I installed the FoxyProxy plugin from the Mozilla addons website. In short this will allow me to send a fake computer address (IP Address)  to YouTube — or any other website — when I go to visit it. (It is really much more complicated but that should make it simple enough to understand).

FoxyProxy Plugin

After clicking add to Firefox it prompts me to restart Firefox.
2. I then Google for “proxy servers in the UK”. The first result in google gives me exactly what I want, “A List Of Fake Computer Addresses” I can use to send to YouTube.

3. I Open FoxyProxy (Within Firefox – Tools –> FoxyProxy Stand –> Options). Then Click Add New Proxy. On the form that pops up I enter the IP and Port of the Server I found in step 2.As shown in the example, you can enter for the IP Address and 8080 for the port. Click OK and then OK Again!

FireProxy - Add New Proxy Server Dialog
As shown in the example, you can enter for the IP Address and 8080 for the port. Click OK and then OK Again!

4. To start using the proxy server, in Firefox, Go to Tools->FoxyProxy Standard and Click on “Use Proxy" for all urls.

5. Just to be sure its working go to and make sure you see this. - Should show the IP Address you entered for the Proxy
- And in this case a message saying your using a proxy

Okay, that’s it; we are all set up. Now I attempt to pull up the YouTube video, this time tricking YouTube into thinking I am visiting from within side of Great Britain . . . and . . .

YouTube Video Censored In the UK
YouTube Video Censored In the UK

Now, People in the UK can simply reverse the process and enter an IP Address from a proxy server from any other nation beside the United Kingdom.

To do this I simply switch my FoxyProxy settings back to “Default For All Urls” to turn off the proxy and once again I can access the video. While I am at it, I am going to mirror this copy while I can still access it.

So in a few minutes there will be a version of the video right here that hasn’t been censored . . . Yet!!!

British citizens arrest and unlawful judge (COMMON LAW) and seize his court (ORELON LAW)

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