Donna Anderson

Depending on the topic of conversation, Coast to Coast AM has introduced Alex Jones as an alternative media activist, a documentary filmmaker, or a political researcher. In a June 28, 2012, article on, Jones and reporter, Paul Joseph Watson, are raising red flags about false flags flying high over London’s Olympic stadium, site of the 2012 Summer Olympics, set to kick off on July 27.

In his article, “Media Whitewashes Olympics Security Scandal”, Watson reveals startling information regarding the security being set up around London, in anticipation of a possible terrorist attack during the Olympics. Watson’s article stems from a report on that G4S, the company hired to handle security at the Olympics, isn’t doing a very good job of training personnel. reports that anonymous G4S staffers claim that new-hires aren’t being adequately trained, cargo areas in vehicles aren’t being adequately searched, and most important, the sniffer dogs being used to detect drugs or explosives are fake.

In his response on Alex Jones‘ website,, Paul Joseph Watson says has completely whitewashed their investigation and the situation is much more dire than is letting on.

Watson’s allegations of false flag attempts are based on accusations leveled by undercover journalist, “Lee Hazledean”, who infiltrated G4S to get the real, behind-the-scenes story.

Accoring to Hazledean, G4S, the world’s largest security provider, is in league with the powers-that-be behind the New World Order and they’re helping to set up a false flag operation that could open up the doors and lead us into war with Syria.

Hazledean had a quiver full of arrows to sling at G4S:

* He was hired to be a security officer with no background check whatsoever, as are all the other members of the security staff.
* He was able to successfully bring guns, knives and explosives through metal detectors and body scanners on more than one occasion.
* He was told by his trainers that metal detectors and body scanners would be deactivated during peak traffic periods in order to keep the Olympic crowds moving quicker.
* G4S security staff have been caught doing drug deals while in training, with no retribution.
* Security uniforms have been handed out to unauthorized personnel.
* G4S security staff were given more training on how to evacuate London than they were on how to conduct proper security screenings.

Perhaps the most alarming detail that Hazledean revealed is information that 200,000 casket linings that can each hold four dead bodies have been shipped to London in preparation for the games.

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