Kurt Nimmo

Note from Alex Jones: Bloomberg is illustrating what an out of control despot he is, not content to simply sue gun manufacturers nationwide and destroy our right to self-defense. He is now inciting police to engage in a type of paramilitary coup threatening anarchy and holding the people hostage. I say we call their bluff. Police should go on strike and we’ll see the cities where guns have been confiscated like New York, L.A. and Chicago descend into flame and other areas where the public are armed will see a drop in crime. But the police won’t actually go on strike because all they want to do is revenue generate. Bloomberg, get out of my country. Why don’t you go with Piers Morgan and get the hell out of America and go to North Korea? You are nothing but a crime boss and a degenerate tyrant.

New York’s gun-grabbing mayor Michael Bloomberg told Piers Morgan the other night that police around the country should go out on strike until the American people stop practicing their right to own firearms.

Actually, this is one of Bloomberg’s better ideas. Short of directing traffic and filling out paperwork at automobile accidents, the police serve little purpose. Police officialdom readily admits cops do not have an obligation to protect citizens. Citizens well armed and trained in firearm use are far better at protecting their families and property than the police.

Prior to the mid-1800s, Americans were expected to protect themselves and each other. The organized and bureaucratic gangs supported by the state we now call “police” would have been considered a standing army. “The notion of a police force in those days was abhorrent in England and America,” writes Peter Kasler.

Not only are the cops unable and legally not required to protect citizens, they now are often the number one threat to them right behind criminals.

This was demonstrated last week in Anaheim, California, when the police attacked citizens protesting the murder of two people by cops. The police shot rubber bullets and unleashed dogs on the angry protesters. After the brutality was captured on cell phones, the police went into damage control mode and offered to buy the video. Instead, the video went viral on the internet.

Following the attack in Anaheim, activists posted images of the “non-lethal” munitions used by the cops. The police used eXact iMpact 40mm Sponge rounds developed by the U.S. Army Research laboratory.

“The eXact iMpactTM 40 mm Sponge Round will prove most successful for incapacitation when used within its optimal energy range of approximately 5 – 36 meters,” a document issued by the manufacturer, Safariland, explains. It induces “sufficient pain stimulus” and is designed to “enhance chemical munitions, or targeting specific agitators and organizers of the crowd” exercising their First Amendment right to protest against police violence.

It’s too bad the cops will not follow Bloomberg’s advice. If they did, attack dogs would not be unleashed on children and citizens wouldn’t be shot in the back with “sponge” bullets developed by the Pentagon. If the cops went away, people would get back to their roots and rediscover the responsibility of self-defense instead of relying on a parasitical state to not protect them from criminals both in and out of government.


Following his seditious comment, Bloomberg “clarified” his comments. “He clarified Tuesday that he didn’t mean it literally. He says New York law prevents police strikes,” according to CBS DC.

From Wikipedia: “A police strike occurs when law enforcement is affected by a labour dispute. They are extremely rare. Generally, they are illegal, but for obvious reasons this law is difficult to enforce. The few times throughout history when there has been a large scale strike among law enforcement, civil unrest has resulted.”

Michael Bloomberg should be arrested immediately for the equivalent of screaming fire in a crowded theater.