aleppo1 400x263 For the first time since mid-2012, nearly all eastern Aleppo residents are free from captivity – held against their will as human shields by US-supported terrorists.

Ain’t the way Western media see it, blasting out fake news headlines and reports – supporting Obama’s genocidal war, mocking the suffering of Syrians and all people devastated by US barbarism.

Below is a sampling of the latest contemptible headlines on Aleppo, fake news, the real kind:

New York Times, world leader in proliferating fake news:

A Complete Meltdown of Humanity: Civilians Die in Fight for Eastern Aleppo”

The Times blamed Syrian and allied forces along with Russia for executions carried out by US-supported terrorists, with Washington’s backing and encouragement.

Neocon Washington Post: “Pro-Assad forces execute dozens of civilians in sweep through rebel-held Aleppo, says UN”

Ban Ki-moon and Jan Egeland implied or lied claiming it, both officials in Washington’s pocket, flagrantly breaching UN Charter principles they’re sworn to uphold.

Wall Street Journal: “Facing Reprisals from Syrian Regime, Aleppo Civilians Plea for International Help”

A same day article said holiday season arrived early in Aleppo, joyous celebrations erupting because tens of thousands of residents are now free, thankful to Syrian forces for delivering them from hellish captivity.

Chicago: “Dozens of kids trapped in building under fire in Aleppo, UN agency says

The UN was caught lying numerous times on conditions in Aleppo and throughout Syria, supporting US imperialism instead of forthrightly denouncing it.

The Los Angeles Times had nothing in its Tuesday online edition about Aleppo.

CNN: “Aleppo: Reports of executions as Syrian army closes in”

Fox News: “Syrian troops descending on Aleppo kill dozens ‘on the spot,’ UN warns”

NBC News: “Aleppo Civilians Killed in ‘Complete Meltdown of Humanity:’ UN”

CBS News: “Syrian regime close to retaking Aleppo; but loses Palmyra in the process” – one of two reasonably accurate headlines I spotted, other than this one calling Syria’s legitimate government a regime, a term applicable to America, Israel and other rogue states.

ABC News: “Thousands of Civilians Trapped in Eastern Aleppo as Syrian Forces Close In”

Most city residents are now free. Unknown smaller numbers remain hostages in one area still controlled by US-supported terrorists. They may be freed today. See below.

National Public Radio (nicknamed National Pentagon or Petroleum Radio): “As East Aleppo Falls, Desperate Accounts of Carnage and Civilian Deaths” – wrongfully blaming government forces.

UK government controlled BBC: “Aleppo battle: “UN says civilians shot on spot”

Al Jazeera: “Civilians killed on spot as battle for Aleppo nears end”

The despotic Qatari monarchy owns and operates Al Jazeera, controlling its content, backing Obama’s aggression on sovereign Syrian independence, supplying weapons and other material support to ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist fighters.

Reuters: “Syrian army, Iraqi militia accused of ‘slaughter’ of civilians in Aleppo”

AP News: Syrian activists (sic) say 6,000 detained in Aleppo”

Source: The illegitimate UK-based, Western supported Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a one-man operation putting out daily fake news reports.

The latest from RT International indicated Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin confirmed an agreement for remaining eastern Aleppo terrorists to leave “within hours,” Syria guaranteeing their safety provided they surrender their arms and cease fighting.

Once their withdrawal is completed, remaining eastern Aleppo residents are safe to stay in their homes. The entire city will be free at last from the scourge of US-backed terrorists – at least for now.

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