Farmers revolt against enforcement of draconian EU directive


French farmers sprayed government buildings in Paris and Toulouse with feces today in protest against environmental regulations and high taxes.


“In a show of protest against expressing their anger at collapsing prices (due in part to sanctions against Russia), increased environmental regulations, cheap imports, and high costs, thousands took to the streets, dumping pumpkins, potatoes, and carrots, burning cars, flinging apples, and spraying shit all over a government building in Toulouse,” reports Zero Hedge. “The French are not amused.”

Demonstrations also took place in Chartres, Tours and western Nantes as farmers protested against the French government’s enforcement of a 1991 EU directive which forces farmers to make costly upgrades to infrastructure in order to comply with a regulation aimed at curbing nitrate pollution.

Farmers protested under the slogan, “Manure, we can’t spread it any more. You can have it, help yourselves.”

In Dijon, farmers burned an effigy of French Ecology Minister Segolene Royal while others complained that the government’s stringent regulations didn’t apply to foreign competition, a factor that is forcing many farmers out of business.

“Markets need to be regulated. The borders are open, that’s Europe, and we import 80 percent of vegetables and 80 percent of meat. While this happens our farmers quit the profession every week and every day because they can’t sell their produce. We produce high quality goods, but can’t sell them,” said Cyrille Milard.

The unpopularity of President Francois Hollande was exemplified by polls released this week that show the socialist leader has a paltry approval rating of just 12 per cent, “the worst score for a president in modern-day polling,” reports Reuters. A whopping 96 per cent of respondents also said that Hollande had broken his election promises.

France’s soaring unemployment rate – which hit a new record high last month – and its zombie economy are perfect illustrations of how Hollande’s socialist mercantilism has been an abject failure, with draconian regulations only harming small and medium sized businesses while large corporations like Google have avoided billions in taxes by parking money offshore.

Watch a video below of farmers spraying feces over government buildings in Paris.