- We get the consequence of now having an ice-age in northern Europe, and the excuse for the Globalists to call for population control measures when the world is not overpopulated at all and we don't need to be burning gas in the first place.

The continued acceptance of utilizing this ridiculous so called 'technology' of burning oil for energy has made this oil spill pssible, by the people of the world dangerously allowing such things as oil drilling in the first place. 

If only everyone knew about how we could and should have electric cars that have efficient batteries and charge on solar, and that GM and other car companies have destroyed electric cars that would not only eradicate any need of a 'bailout' - but everyone would have more money to spend on more important things, such as solar panels for our homes so we can be free of the greedy energy companies for example.

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Who Killed The Electric Car:

{google}1405611374523233913{/google} Risk of Global Climate Change by BP Oil Spill http://www.associazionegeofisica.it/OilSpill.pdf